Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ending 2011

This post is just a Review of 2011 for our research group.

Summing up, it was a great year for us. Myself and Ana Ozaki were able to publish papers regarding our results in the uP and Ontologies. We hope this show more about our ways into the Ubiquitous Computing and were we want to go.

This year also two projects (par of the uOS) came to and end. One was the TRUE system, which added capabilities of User Tracking, Positioning and Recognition in the smart space. This was a great work that Tales and Danilo achieved. Other was the full implementation of the Hydra, a resource redirection application, conducted by Lucas Almeida.

For 2011 we have two new members to the group. Lucas Almeida and Carlos Botelho we'll be master students into our program. We also will have projects regarding improvements in the middleware itself and new applications.

So 2011 was great and 2012 will start full of great promisses.