Monday, November 14, 2011

WPOS 2011

Every year the Universidade de Brasilia (UnB) hold a workshop for all of its researchers. The name of the event is WPOS (Workshop de POS-graduação). Even though the focus is on Masters and PhD researchers, every year we also receive some very interesting results from undergrads.

This year was the first year that it was held in Brasilia itself, usually it's sited on a nearby city like Pirinópolis. Being so close is very fruitful for the ease of transport but don't come with the same atmosphere of engagement that the prior issues held.

During this edition the UnBiquitous was represented by myself (Fabricio Buzeto) and Ana Ozaki. Ana presented her results regarding Ontologies for smartspaces (in special de uOS). My job was to present my idea of a Code Mobility extension to the DSOA. The ideas were well accepted and received some valuable feedback.

Highlighting the some interesting parts of the day i can present: The talk from Professor Rohit Gheyi about its SafeRefactor tool. The always amazing speedup results from Alba Melo students regarding GPU and Clustering techniques and Deborah Mendes study regarding the W-Entropy Index for Social Networks.

And lets hope for the next year.

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