Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Unbiquitous goes to SBCUP and UMEDIA

This last month we've received some very good news for our research group. We had two papers aproved for two conferences on this year. The SBCUP and UMEDIA that will be held in Natal and São Paulo, both in Brazil.


The SBCUP (Brazilian Symposium of Ubiquitous Computing) is one of the tracks that composes the SBC (Brazilian Computing Society) annual congress (CSBC). It's one of the major events for Computer Science in the country, ranging many related topics. The event will be held in the beautiful city of Natal at Rio Grande do Norte.

The paper accepted for this conference was named "Um modelo para o gerenciamento de ontologias em ambientes ubíquos" (An ontology management model for ubiquitous environments). This paper presents Ana Helena Ozaki proposal of a ontology model for DSOA and uOS in order to add context awarenes features to our system.


Umedia (Internetional Conference of Ubi-media Computing) is an IEEE international conference that will be hosted in the big city of São Paulo. The conference aims on many subjects related to the ubi-media topics.

I'll be presenting the paper entitled "uP: A lightweight protocol for services in smart spaces". This paper is a continuity of our presentation of the DSOA architecture. It shows in more detail our uP protocol set, the communication layer behind the uOS middleware.

Summing up

We are very happy for this achievement of our group and hope to be presenting here - soon - what was the result of such events. As soon as each paper are published we'll be informing its links here and on our research group website.